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We are Pulse a nice and serious Raiding guild on Stormscale(EU) server.

We have experienced players that focus atm on 10-man raiding. We all did ICC HC 11/12 and more.

Our goal is to have a solid and good team for raiding in Cataclysm, if that goal is completed we may expand our guild to a 25-man raiding guild.

We create a nice environment to play in and we work things out as a team.

We are currently recruiting (Mage & rogue or DK DPS), so send us an application form on the forums and be a part of Pulse.

Raid times are atm:

Thursday (19.00-22.00)
Sunday (20.00-22.00)
Tuesday (19.00-22.00)

Need more Info pm Rmon ingame.

Have Fun
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This weeks ICC raid

RmonPulse, Nov 21, 10 3:54 PM.
We kinda evaluated all our members and we have to change a bit our set up. we downed All bosses and did all achievements except the Sindra one. We almost have a full team that is ready for cataclysm. What we need now are 2 decent DPS (Mage and a Dk or Rogue as melee dps).

Next week we will be doing Sindragosa achievement and All on HC with a changed set-up and hopefully all the people we need for Cataclysm.

Good job everyone!

10/12 Achievs

RmonPulse, Nov 18, 10 4:30 PM.
We did all achievments in ICC10 untill Sindragosa, some on HC if no1 needed the achiev. Next Sunday we continue for the last 3 achievements. Some allready got their ICC mount! Gratz to them.

Cya next time

Recruiting Mage

RmonPulse, Nov 17, 10 6:57 AM.
We are looking for a Mage. Make an application on the forums and be a part of our team.
There are no upcoming events.
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European: Stormscale (PvP)
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